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Aaron Day Wikipedia: US Presidential Candidate for 2024

Aaron Day Wikipedia

Going viral over the Internet after announcing the United States presidential candidate, Aaron Day Wikipedia is beginning the search by people all over America. Who is Aaron Day? Let’s find out.

Aaron Day is a fellow at Brownstone Institute who announced his presidential candidate for the Republican convention on July 16, 2024.

He is also a Harvard graduate student and is a confident individual who is ready to serve the nation as the President.

Day is running independently as a presidential contender for the United States besides running under the banner of Day 2024.

For this confidence to apply for the candidacy, he has gained broad experience by working for various companies and having multiple roles.

Well, after the news got out about his candidacy for President of the United States of America, people were eager to know about Aaron Day’s personal and professional life.

Aaron Day Wikipedia: Age and Early Life

Aaron Day has only been on the highlights with her candidacy for President of the US. Before that, he was just an individual person with a normal lifestyle.

So, not much about his personal life information is available on the internet. He has also not shared any details related to his birth and family background.

2024 US Presidential Candidate, Aaron Day

However, this Harvard graduate seems to be living in his 40s looking at his available images on the internet sources.

Well, surely Aaron Day is from the United States of America and belongs to the white ethnic background.

It is also unclear whether he has any background as a politician.

Talking about his education, Aaron studied Science and Mathematics at Indiana Academy and then went to Duke University.

Furthermore, he graduated from Havard University with a degree in biology.

Aaron Day Professional Life

To become a President, surely anyone should have a good experience in politics. Likewise, Aaron Day is also an experienced politician who has participated in some elections as well. He is currently associated with several companies and is a fellow at Brownstone Institute.

Day also represents himself as the CEO at Saly Corp since December 2017. Likewise, he also represents as the Chairman/CEO of Tangerine Life where he worked since May 2004.

Besides, Day served as the Managing Director at ARD Ventures since April 2001.

Moreover, he became the Chairman at Stark360 as well. So, with all his professional experiences and involvement in politics, Day is confident enough to give his Independent candidacy for the President of the United States.

Well, in 2016, he also gave a candidate for the United States Senate.

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